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  • Try to think positive and always keep smile and cheer up.
  • Stress out and controlling anger. Try to use the practical method to decrease stress and daily tensions, such as Yoga, Meditation, Music …
  • Learn to say no to people. Practice to say no others.
  • In a week try to do your favorite hobbies such as trip, party, swimming dance, going out
  • Try to use some fresh fruit and vegetables. Do not use a lot of red meat and replace it with white meat such as fish,chicken…
  • Do exercise about 20 minutes every day such as aerobics.
  • In addition physical exercise, our mind needs exercise too. you should keep your mind active
  • Be active and have a plane in your life, such as walking, go shopping, go to the park, mall…
  • Try to have a relationship with your families. Loneliness makes you nervous and disappointed.
  • Try to study. Try to have a lot of information. Read newspaper, magazine internet, keep your communication with world, and be up to date.
  • Quit smoking and Tabaco.
  • Don’t stay in front of the sunshine.


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