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Reza Fouladvand I’m Reza Fouladvand the owner of WWW.MSDOIT.COM
I believe MS is not the end of the life and based on this idea I decided to set up this website to keep myself active and help other MS patients to stay hopeful and active. 
I wanted to motivate MS patients who are so disappointed. 
In this website we have a lot of activities such as membership and communication with patients and provide some basic information. 
Patients have possibility to contact with consultants, doctors and attorneys .
Transferring information about MS disease, new treatment, better life style, services and social security for MS patients in Iran and other countries and compare them.
Check the patient’s problems such as occupations, marriage, pregnancy, medicine and services treatment and also other treatments such as physiotherapy and medical advice.
I‘d like to help MS patients and make the union to fight with this disease.
Intend lead to able that is enough you want. 
If you want and stand up every impossible will be possible. 
MS isn’t the reason to get your flight wings stand up for your goals. 

Life is a battle; you must be a fight itself .
You and I are a chance that are in the world. Among the challenge of billions sperms just only one sperm can get the ovule and we are the winner of this challenge .
Now with fighting with MS gain we can be a winner too. Why not, No difference, ask help from God because all of us have one God that support all the people in the world. We can move up in any field that we like. 

Let’s start!!!

Best Wishes
Reza Fouladvand



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