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About Me (Reza Fouladvand)

About Me (Reza Fouladvand)

I was 19, so ambitious and wanted to be the best in everything and had a lot of wishes.
I got up early in the morning and went to bed so late. I tried so hard to catch my goal.
It was morning, I got up with a lot of desires but I saw that I could not move my legs and I could not see clearly. I was afraid and got upset.
After a lot of tests, I found that I have MS. My life was changed.

I was confused, shocked, lost a lot of things and desperate.I preferred to stay at home; I did not want to see anybody.
Little by little I was lonely. I did not have any hope for future.I thought that it is the end of the world but during the years little by little I learned, no one except GOD and myself, could not help me. As long as, I did not want, nothing was changed.
I wanted and made a decision and I stood up. I wanted to live and see the beauty of the world because of that I had to fight with all of the constrains. Never count on someone. You must be strong and independent.
I have been gradually losing my abilities but I started again, painting playing sport, searching about MS, learning English and Computer.
I started to communicate with different MS organization all around the world, even I got an invitation letter from MS society in Britain.

Anyway, I set up this Web site to say my word to the world and help MS people the same as myself. I hope that I can help even one MS person who is hopeless and can change his or her own life and start a new life.
I believe that GOD create our world so beautiful and also I believe that our world is so nice and worthy. We as a patient can enjoy from the best things in our life. Believe me when there is hope, There is a way.


What are my goals for setting up this website?

I wanted to show that MS is not the end of my life. I started to think about my wishes, what I like then I started to search about MS and learn Painting, English, Computer and Aroma Massage. Now I’m going to continue them more professional. Would you like to see my researches, paintings, documents?

  1. Ms Life 2012 ( United Kingdom ) Seminar
  2. MCTS Certificate
  3. My stock marketing and investments methods certificate
  4. Aroma Massage Certificates
  5. My Paints
  6. MS World Conference - 2013 Berlin


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