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What do animals have to do with MS

What do animals have to do with MS?

The animal pictures in the campaign represent the different ways that people work together to look after one another and show that we can achieve more when we work together.
Lionesses work together to hunt and provide food for their family. They represent working together, physical strength and fierceness.
Geese are programmed with their migration route and travel thousands of miles together. They represent inner strength and the journeys of those affected by MS.
The mother bear is a symbol of strength, whilst the cub shows a more vulnerable side. The mother protects the cub against the world. They represent the strength in relationships as well as physical strength.
Penguins huddle together for warmth and move around so that each bird in the huddle takes its turn at the centre and on the outside. They represent teamwork, survival and selflessness.
Honey bees work in huge numbers to create something big. They represent strength in numbers and hard work.
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