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Shortage of Vitamin D & MS Disease


As regards that the main reason of MS outbreak has never been founded.
Researchers believe the genetic factors beside environmental factors that one of them is the storage of vit D are very effective to outbreak to MS disease researchers declare the shortage of vit D has relation with MS and can be one of the factors to outbreak to the MS.
The report of Natural News Web site, the Oxford University and Columbia researchers founded vit D is one of the environmental factors that has a noticeable affect to outbreak to MS.

In the northern Europe area where there isn’t the situation for staying in front of sunlight. MS disease has been seen more than other places because sunlight is one of the factors in producing vit D in the body.
Researchers believe plus environmental factors, genetic factors are one of the main items to outbreak MS and if the people have some genetically properties, will outbreak to MS three times more than the others.

Also, environmental stress and the relationship of person to others are the other factors that are affective to outbreak to MS.

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