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Visual Problems in MS

Certain Information on Visual Problems in MS Patients

The common visual problems among these patients include the following:

Optic Neuritis: it is the visual nerves inflammation complication. Visual nerves play role in vision through transmitting light and images to the brain. According to the National Society of Multiple Sclerosis, 55% of people suffering from this disease face visual nerves inflammation complication. It may be said that this complication is the most common symptom of multiple sclerosis disease. However, the existence of this disease in people does not mean irrevocable emergence of multiple sclerosis. The acute commencement of each of the following symptoms may be a symptom of the above complication:

  1. Blurred vision,
  2. Grey vision,
  3. Blindness in one of the eyes.

Being affected and pain in both eyes is usually rare. Some days prior to the complication healing, usually the vision situation is worsened and it takes 4-12 weeks since the beginning until the improvement of the relevant symptoms. Treating the symptoms by using edible or injecting steroid is to control the inflammation.

Double Vision: this state occurs when the conformity of the pair of muscles specialized to control the eye movement is lost due to weakness in one or more muscles. Double vision is often healed without any certain medical treatment.

Uncontrolled Eye Movements: uncontrolled horizontal or vertical eye movement, namely nistagomos is one of the other common symptoms in multiple sclerosis disease. Nistagomos may be in the form of slight or severe and harmful for the vision. Certain treatments have been reported to control and heal the symptoms resulted from Nistagomos.

Temporary Blindness: this state may be generated in one eye and upon the attack of multiple sclerosis disease. Disease attack is in the form of sudden reappearing of previous symptoms or appearance of new symptoms which lasts at least for 24 hours and the interval of this attack fro, the next attack is at least one month. Meanwhile, temporary blindness is one of the symptoms of vision nerve symptoms.

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