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Sexual Disorders

sexual disorders

Sexual Disorders

Sexual disorders in people suffering from MS

The central nervous system of the man has been created in a way that it may easily and rapidly transmit the nervous messages. For instance, when hitting a hot stove with hand, we promptly take it back within a couple of tenth of a second. In this process, first of the hand’s sensitive receptors transmit the feeling of hot to the brain and then certain messages are sent from the brain to the arm and forearm muscles, and they depart our hand from such hot stove through their contraction. The entire of such process occurs within a couple of tenth of a second. Nervous system uses nervous fibers to transmit nervous messages, which coordinate different locations of the body together like wiring (fig. 4). The nervous fibers have a coating known as the myelin coating. This coating plays a very important role in directing the nervous messages. In MS patients, this myelin coating of the nervous fibers is damages and destructed (fig. 5) and eventually, the nervous system fails to transmit the nervous messages correctly. Therefore, in case nervous fibers and centers involved in sexual performance process are damaged, then one would suffer from various types of sexual disorders (fig. 6).
Women suffer quite more from Ms in comparison to men. The sexual performance in the females suffering MS is totally different from the same in the healthy ladies, while sexual disorders may occur in any type of MS. Roughly 30-80% of the female MS patients suffer from sexual disorders. Sexual disorders common among the female MS patients include the following:

  • Damaged or lack of sensitivity in the genital system,
  • Vagina dryness,
  • Lack of sexual tendency,
  • Pain while having sex.

Meanwhile, sexual over-activity has been reported among this kind of ladies.
Damaged sensitivity of the genital system among the female MS patients is a common issue, which is due to the nervous fibers transmitting sense from genital system to the brain’s relevant area. Such damaged sensitivity of the genital system is the origin of other sexual disorders such as disorder in sexual stimulation and disorder in having orgasm as well. One of the simple methods to identify disorders in the genital system sensitivity in females is to use clitoris vibrator. Usually, female MS patients suffering from sexual disorders also suffer from disorder in their bottom urinary system, which mostly emerges in the form of over-active urinary bladder resulting in severe urinary frequency and weakness in the pelvis bottom muscles which causes Urinary incontinence. There is a precise test namely urodynamic, in order to diagnose disorder in the bottom urinary system, which is commonly used.

Sexual problems in ladies suffering from MS have three origins as the following:

  • Primary, which is the result of damaged nervous system,
  • Secondary, which is the result of disease’s physical effects,
  • Tertiary, it is resulted from the mental problems and effects of taken drugs.

Secondary problems in the ladies suffering from MS which may cause sexual disorders are as followed:

  • Fatigue,
  • General weakness,
  • Disordered coordination of muscles and trembling,
  • Urinary and intestinal problems (mostly incontinence),
  • Pain,
  • Lack of/ disordered sensitivity,
  • Disordered movement,
  • Disordered mental cognition.

The third group of problems in the ladies suffering from MS which may cause sexual disorders are as followed:

  • Changes in the relations with the life’s partner and the role of one in the family,
  • Effects of the taken drugs,
  • Applying urinary catheter

The ladies suffering from MS shall have in mind the following ten points:

  • They shall clearly express their sexual relations to their husbands. MS disease affects many aspects of common life. You may require others assistance in order to perform daily issues or self-care. Sexual relations shall also improve through establishing good sentimental relations with the husband.
  • Treat other existing diseases; e.g. hypertension and arthritis have mal affects on the sexual performance. Treating such type of diseases helps improving the sexual performance.
  • Tell your physician about your sexual problems and ask him/her for a solution. Inform your physician regarding any type of drug you take and learn about their effects. Your physician can only be helpful if he/she is aware of your problems.
  • Sometimes the cause of the sexual disorder includes pain and spasm in muscles. Sexual relation may be tried in different positions and so choose the best position. Sometimes, even the time of sexual relation is important in making good the problem.
  • Extend your knowledge on the sexual performance. Ladies suffering from sexual disorders required longer time and more and special physical contacts for sexual stimulation and orgasm. In case you are suffering from damaged cognitive power, then you would have problems in concentrating. You should gradually learn how to strengthen your senses.
  • Do not smoke and drink alcohol. These two substances change the level of blood circulation and reduce the trend of the same into the genital system. Existence of good blood flow inside the genital system is the pre-requisite for the sexual stimulation and changes needed for sexual activity.
  • You should wait for the potential changes. Even your problems may increase through time. When such changes occur, you should not be terrified. In case you react to such problems emotionally, then the situation would be worsened.
  • Have healthy diet and ideal weight. Overweight causes hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, all of which have mal affects on the sexual performance. Healthy diet and losing weight significantly help in controlling other symptoms of MS.
  • You should definitely be sexually active. In case any body part is left redundant, then it would be weakened and loses its power. Sexual activity improves sexual performance.
  • Take your medicines in proper timing. For instance, in case you take medicine to treat over-active urinary bladder, then you should regulate it to half an hour prior to having sex. Take the fatigue special drugs one hour prior to have sex. Some of the anti-depression drugs cause decreased sexual tendency. In case you take such anti depression drugs, and suffer from decreased sexual tendency, consult the issue with your attending physician. In case you inject the required drugs, choose the relevant timing in a way that it has no mal affects on sexual performance.

Diagnosing Sexual Disorders in Ladies suffering from MS
Under normal condition, diagnosis of sexual disorders in ladies is more complex in comparison to gentlemen; this issue is more correct concerning the ladies suffering from MS. A certain set of radiologic, laboratory studies as well as studies by special machines shall be used in order to diagnose the same. You must try your best, so that first of all the existence of sexual disorder is proved and second the reason and cause of the same is understood.

Treatments for Sexual Disorders in Ladies suffering from MS
First of all, the factors providing vulnerability to the same, e.g. hypertension and diabetes, shall be thought and be properly treated. Sentimental relations with the husband shall certainly be focused and the side problems of the life affecting sexual performance shall be identified and treated well. Finally, a combination of the following shall be used to treat sexual disorders caused by MS:

  • Edible drugs,
  • Topical drugs,
  • Injecting drugs,
  • Using machine,
  • Increasing knowledge and information,
  • Psychotherapy,
  • Behavior therapy,
  • Physiotherapy,
  • Surgery (if needed)


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