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Methods to Strengthen to Brain

Methods to Strengthen to Brain
12 simple methods to strengthen to brain

Although our brain is considered as the strongest computer on the planet Earth, but this strong computer also sometimes have errors. We humans consume most of our time to accumulate various and useless crap into our brains. No matter how powerful our brains are, what is important is to know that this organ needs self-compensation and regeneration to keep its form and capability. Scholars have presented different methods for super charging and increasing the brain efficiency; in this article the simplest of them have been given so that anybody who needs them may have access to the same, apply them and take benefit from their advantages:

  1. Have almond: almond strengthens the memory and has better effect in case if having it mixed with milk before going to bed or after getting up the bed in the mornings.
  2. Drink apple juice: scholars of Massachusetts University indicated that apple juice increases the production a kind of vital nerve transmitter namely acetylcholine in the brain and also intensifies the power of the memory in this manner.
  3. Sleep well: studies indicate that long term memory is strengthened during sleeping through reproducing the experienced images during the day.
  4. Enjoy simple entertainment: stress assimilates our brain power. The mind involved in stress consumes most of our memory sources and therefore a weak and stupid mind remains for us. Try to determine simple entertaining habits during the day by using of which you may clean your mind from stress. Some of these simple and useful entertainments for the mind and body include: listening the interested music, playing with the children, appreciating others, walking, biking or swimming on daily basis, working with a weblog and finally participating in yoga and health classes on daily basis.
  5. Exercise your mind: as physical exercise is essential to take benefit from a strong and healthy body, also the mental exercise is of the same importance so that you may have a sharp and active mind. Have you ever paid attention that why the children have stronger brain power in comparison to adults? Because they have a naughty mind and such mind increases memory capability. In order to achieve such capability you may solve puzzles or crosswords, be volunteer for group works, interact with others, involved in a certain entertainment such as studying, painting or even watching birds, learn a new skill or language.
  6. Perform yoga or meditation: yoga and meditation discharge stress. Stress is destructive for the memory. However, yoga and meditation decrease stress, lower blood pressure, crease respiration speed, decrease metabolism speed and release muscle tension and eventually strengthen the memory.
  7. Limit sugar taking: sugar is not a food but is a certain type of carbohydrate which produces unreal energy. High sugar consumption causes certain symptoms such as nervous and painful symptoms, weakness of memory and other nerve disorders. Have your meals without adding sugar and avoid having sweet drinks or taking much sugar or caffeine.
  8. Use bran wheat: bran wheat contains lecithin. This substance decreases the problem of artery stiffening and so causes improvement of brain performance.
  9. Have light meals at nights: having much and heavy meals at nights cause long term and emotional stress while sleeping. It is recommended to have heavy meals during the day when the body has more movements. You may have better sleep at nights by having light meals, fruit and vegetables. Good night sleep means strengthening brain power.
  10. Strengthen your imagination power: the Greeks learn the imagination principle to memorize everything. Such technique needs one to generate a real and colorful imagination which may be relevant to a certain subject or object. In case you involve all your senses including touch, smelling, taste, listening and vision in imagination, you may remember more details of a subject. This helps strengthening your memory.
  11. Control your anger: meals prepared by using white flour, high consumption of starch or white bread may result in appearance of nerve sensitivities. Consequently, consumption of such meals causes aggression and some depression behaviors. Instead, have fresh vegetables. Drink a lot of water; perform yoga and meditation to remove poisoning feelings such as stress and anger.
  12. Take B-Complex vitamin: this vitamin strengthens your memory. Have foods and vegetables rich in such vitamin. It should be mentioned that starch food stuffs and white bread neutralize the desirable effect of this vitamin to keep the memory healthy. 


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