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Exercises for MS Patients

Exercises for MS Patients


A Shortcut to the World of Health
Mind relaxation exercises are the best method to control physical and mental diseases

The correct living style are form amongst plausible and discussible issues of today’s modern society, which according to several scholars, following healthy living models which result in living in the best possible manner is considered as important in preventing premature aging and suffering from physical and mental diseases and increasing the hope to live longer.

Considering the consequences of today’s industrial world, which includes incorrect diet models, lack of movement and stress, taking benefit from the physical and mental exercises plays a major role in controlling environmental stresses and provision of mental and physical health.

Performing yoga exercises is one of the correct living styles.
According to the studies, those who continuously perform such type of exercises enjoy body fitness and healthy mind and body.

Correct Respiration Technique
Instructing the correct method of respiration upon performing exercises which are directly relevant to the mind performance is one of the advantages of performing such exercises.
In regular respiration method, several people breathe through mouth and fail to follow up correct respiration techniques.
Under such pose, certain messages are sent to the brain which increase the stress and make difficult controlling the stressing conditions. The correct breathing method upon yoga exercises shall be followed by nervous tension and stress.

Motor Disorders
The correct method of balancing upon standing and walking is from amongst one of the other advantages of performing mental and physical exercises.

Increased self-confidence while walking and flexibility in Diabetic, MS and Rheumatoid arthritis patients are from amongst the profits of performing yoga exercises.


Respiration Problems
According to the studies, following the mental and physical exercising models plays an important role in healing respiratory diseases, including but not limited to dyspnea and allergies.
The experiment implemented on 300 patients suffering from asthma indicated that the disease symptoms alleviated up to 74% in those who were following yoga exercises for 40 days.
Performing such mental and physical exercises for 90 minutes in the morning and one hour in the afternoon for 40 days have had positive results.
On the other hand, improvement of the disease symptoms in those suffering from chronic bronchitis and emphysema after performing relaxation exercises and respiration techniques is one of the other results of the studies.

Pain Management
Increased excretion of anti-stress hormones and chemical conveyors which are produced to control the pain is one of the advantages of performing continuous mental and physical exercises.
Studies demonstrate that performing yoga exercises directly affect the central nervous system and improve the pain controlling mechanism which is performed in the myeloid system.
In other words, performing such exercises release natural painkillers in the body in a way. Other researches indicate that correct breathing techniques, meditation exercises and relaxation and stretching exercises which increase muscles flexibility, decrease stress and not only prevent backache, but also alleviates the pains in such location.


Natural Drugstore

Prevention the decreasing of vision and hearing, increasing concentration upon performing mental tasks, losing weight, increasing communication power and developing social skills, preventing premature aging, controlling diabetes, increasing self-awareness, controlling blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular diseases, improvement of sleeping and alleviating menopause symptoms in females are from amongst other advantages of performing mind relaxing exercises accompanied with physical movements.


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