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Cooling and Assistive Equipment

Cooling Equipment Distribution

Many people with multiple sclerosis are heat sensitive. MS research has proven that heat and humidity often aggravate common MS symptoms. MS research has also proven that cooling the body can help lessen the negative effects of heat and humidity on a person with MS.
The most common cooling product is a full-size vest that contains insulated pockets which hold small ice packs. The vests are worn over clothing and provide a temporary cooling relief which can last up to a few hours.

Recently, manufacturers have also developed smaller, lightweight vests which are designed to be worn under clothing. These smaller vests offer less cooling relief but are easily hidden for discreet use and comfortable to wear while at work, on the go, or exercising. In addition to the vests, companies have created a variety of cooling wraps to fit the neck, wrists and ankles, giving people more options and the ability to stay active while cooling.


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