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About Logo


Why I chose this Logo for my Website:
Let’s learn from eagle:
The eagle lifetime is longer than other birds. Eagle can live 70 years but if it wants to reach to this age must make a difficult decision.
It’s long and flexible claws don’t have ability to catch and hold bait in 40 years old. It’s sharp and long beak turns to embowed and not sharp.
It’s feathers turn thick and stick to it’s chest and flight gets very hard.

In this case, eagle has just two choices:

  • either must die or must suffer 150 painful days for this process
  • the eagle must make a decision to live again.

The eagle must fly to the top of the mountain where a nest has. There, it must Knock it’s beak to the stone till it’s beak dispart.
After that it must wait till a new beak grows instead of that old one. Then, it disports it’s claws and wait new claws grow afterward it starts to pluck It’s old feathers.
Finally after 5 months it starts a new flight that is it’s new birth, After this process it can live for 30 years later.

Because, most of the time for survival, we must start mutation process.
Sometimes we must leave old memories, old hobbits and past customs.
Just, when we release from past heaviness issues. We can use the new opportunities in present.

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